viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Ghost Scary Prank: Halloween

ghost prank android app
INSTALLMake a scary ghost prank to your friends:

Select a ghost and his situation that will come in the picture, ask them to make a picture with your camera and go, appear a scare surprise, share and send social networks like facebook, whatsapp or twiter, is a very funny scary and fear prank.

You can save photos (/pictures), undo and reload new ghosts, you can move it wherever you want and add as many as you want. This will scare your friends and family.

You can play up to 6 ghostly sounds.

Warning: This Ghost Scary Prank: Halloween with songs may cause fear, terror or panic, use this prank responsibly.
Nombre en español de la app: Broma Foto Fantasma: miedo.

Learn how to use the app with this video: